“CVI offers young singers the opportunity to grow as artists and to meet others with similar interests. Between lessons, coachings and classes, students will get a chance to explore the beautiful Colorado mountains…. Not only did I develop better musical skills, but I also learned a lot about myself and the way I work with others. This institute is so special, and I think it truly changed my life for the better.”
Kaylyn, TX

“Colorado Vocal Institute offered an intimate and high-class camp where students get individual focus on their talents with college professors. I really appreciated the multiple one-on-one classes provided throughout the day, as well as multiple performance and class opportunities….”
Liesl, IL

“At the Colorado Voice Institute, I learned how to grow in my vocal journey through classes exploring foreign languages like German and Italian diction to one-on-one lessons with highly experienced staff members… Because of CVI, I now have a valuable musical cohort as well as knowledge about applying for colleges’ vocal programs.”
Brooklyn, TX