“When do you start accepting applications?”

We expect to open registration in early January.

“Do I need a teacher recommendation?

Yes, we will email a recommendation form to the teacher you list on your application. Applications will only be considered complete when the recommendation is returned to us.

“Can I pay tuition in installments?”

Yes!  Our registration process will allow you to pick an option to pay in up to 3 installments.

“What clothes should I wear for classes during the week?”

Everyday casual clothes are just fine to wear through the week. Most of the time it is hot during the day (bring sunscreen) and cool at night. However, it can get cold or even snow in late June!

When do I find out my class schedule?  Can I get it early?”

Student schedules are given out during check in on the first day of the institute.  The faculty is given an opportunity to review the schedules to verify the appropriateness of each assignment, and therefore, schedules are available only after 12:00pm (noon) on the first day.

“What clothes should I bring for the final concerts?”

Girls – Semi-formal knee-length dress.
Guys – Semi-formal. Tie is optional.

Please consider your audience when choosing your attire.
Bare midriffs or shoulders, short skirts or plunging necklines are not appropriate.

“Is food provided at the Institute?”

Yes.  All meals are provided to the students at the Colorado Vocal Institute. Meals will start with dinner on Friday and end with breakfast on Saturday before check out.

“Will there be a front desk or communications center at the institute?”

There will be a front desk located in the upper lobby of the Vilar Center. Open Saturday through Friday.

“Will there be practice space available?”

We do provide 25 minutes per day in a dedicated practice room. There may be more practice space available through the online practice room sign-up. Practice Rooms are located throughout Beaver Creek but students may also practice in their condos between 7:30 am and 9:30 pm.

“Are there activities planned in the evenings?”

There are multiple activities planned for the evenings that are opportunities for participants to get to know each other and enjoy making music and making wonderful memories that will last throughout the year.

“What happens on the last day of Institute?”

In addition to the regular classes through the day, all students perform in the celebration concerts which last until 8:30pm on the final Friday.  Singers will sing on the same concert as other musicians from our sister programs Colorado Suzuki Institute and the Colorado Chamber Music Institute for their final concert. Detailed information about the time and location of each Celebration Concert will be publicized in the Daily Note newsletter at the Institute.

“What if I have to cancel?”

In the event that you decide to cancel your registration, notify the Colorado Vocal Institute in writing. There is a $300 non-refundable cancellation fee per participant. The payment of all other fees will be returned if written notice of cancellation is received by April 15th. Due to commitments to faculty and travel plans, applicants who withdraw after April 15th forfeit all fees.